• In the Name of God the One and Threefold!

    It is with deepest regret to announce that the Arnulf Seminary will discontinue operations as of October 1, 2021.


    With this, due to the ongoing pandemic, a small but venerable Seminary (College) will close its doors.


    We are deeply saddened by this development and thank all those who have helped shape Arnulf Seminary of Theology over the years and decades.


    All the best to you and above all may God bless you!


    Father Rahim


  • Message from Dean Father Rahim


    Thank you for your interest in our Arnulf Seminary of Theology. I would have liked to welcome you to our new website already, but the global pandemic has changed many priorities. Of course, our teaching continues in this difficult time, however in a different way than it has been our tradition.


    We also thank the Strikingly company for providing this temporary website and the Global Missionary Center team for their technical support. Most importantly, we thank our faculty and students for their flexibility to adapt to all the new challenges. May the Lord soon liberate mankind from this plague so that we can live our good traditions again.


    One more remark: We are receiving more and more inquiries from Asia as to whether it would be possible to purchase academic titles from us. In this regard, it should be noted: Arnulf Seminary of Theology is a reputable Christian teaching institution and would never do anything of the sort. You can always inquire with us whether a degree has been acquired legally through achievement and hard work. Susan Muller in our examination office will be happy to provide you with further information.


    The Dean

    on Estomihi 2021

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  • This is how you can reach us until October 1, 2021

    ...then this seminary is history.


    For administrative inquiries please contact the head office of the Jewish Fellowship International.



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